Here is a collection of the most compelling news articles for 01/16/2021

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A house fire claims another life in Peoria. Last year I recall posting about several house fires. It is always sad to see … everybody needs put a fire fire extinguisher in their house.

UPDATE: Woman identified as victim in deadly garage fire

Police reform .. good or bad? Looks like our local sheriff does not like it.

Peoria sheriff says some reforms will make policing harder, lawmakers say they are necessary

A good report on a local business and how covid has effected them.

Open for Business: Peoria restaurant owner fights to stay afloat a year into business


Morton teach in court for having a relationship with a student. 

Former Morton High School teacher in court for inappropriate relationship with a student

New security firm taking over the public housing. Interesting read.

New security firm to take over for Peoria Housing Authority


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