Here is a collection of the most compelling news articles for 01/19/2021

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Amazing people walked away from this wreck!

Police say no serious injuries after crash splits car in half

Not that this is REAL news but kinda sad seeing all the family videos closing but it had to happen … get with the times.

Man arrested on weapons charges in Bloomington.

Police: Bloomington man arrested on gun, drug charges


This what we need more of!

Company provides employment opportunities for community

Gun sales are up …. geee i wonder why? If you end up getting up one make sure and get trained on it! Last thing we need is some part time rambos running around Peoria.

Local gun stores say despite high guns sales, owners are still struggling in the industry

Gas is high good thing a good portion of folks work from home still.

Peoria gas prices still surging, GasBuddy experts explain why


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