About Bad Peoria

Bad Peoria is a Peoria, IL (duh) based true crime blog dedicated to bringing the criminal underbelly of Peoria and surrounding towns to light.

The Reason:

The Professional Reason: We believe there is value in knowing the crime in your town. Because of this we post daily articles containing those arrested in Central Illinois. This empowers our users with information that can be critical to their safety. Peoria has a rich crime history back to the bootlegging days and we want to show this rich history.

The UnProfessional Reason: We are true crime junkies and this is just plain fun! We noticed a gap of this in Central Illinois .. hence we stepped in and filled the gap.

The Short History:

We kicked off this site in January of 2020 with a simple idea of having fun. In the beginning we had one type of article to post about the Peoria County Commitment Report and now have several types and more as the days pass.

The Creator:

Bad Peoria was created by a mysterious man known as James Ratner. The content creators at Bad Peoria do not know much about him besides he likes coffee, IPA beers, and he is originally from Creve Coeur but has since  moved to the “big city” of Peoria.

He said Peoria is the place dreams come true …

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