Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why did you start this site?
A: The site was started by a man known as James Ratner, he is a true crime junky and want to turn this site into the one stop shop for all Peoria true crime information. Peoria has a rich history in gambling, booze making, and prostitution. He want’s to document this seedy past along with the current crime related events.

Q: Can I have my information removed?
A: All information posted is public record and for the most part will not be removed. Under special circumstances it might be possible to do so .. if you feel you have a special circumstances then please email

Q: Why does this site post the Peoria County Jail Commitment Report?
A: We strongly believe in the freedom of information and that extends to the county public records. It is very important to know the commitment report shows the jail records BUT that is not an indication someone one is actually guilty. Before you pass judgement on an individual you should let them have their day in court. Mistakes happen and charges to get dropped.

Q: Do you post information given by users?
A: With proper vetting I accept all tips and leads to local news. I am working on adding more local news to the site so please send interesting stories.

Q: How can I find a specific record?
A: Currently the search function won’t allow searching within images text but if you do know the date want you can search it using this format. MM/DD/YYYY (example 04/03/2020). We will try adding a name search soon.

Q: Why Bad Dudes?
A: This explains everything – Bad Dudes

Q: How can I support the site?
A: The best way right now to support the site is share! Let your friends know about! The best part is sharing it’s free!

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