The Why:

Websites cost money to run and it kinda sucks, and don’t get me started on the effort. We put in hours each week to make sure this site is up to date. So any support you give us goes back into the site and helps us run it.

Small things add up so feel free to send even the smallest of donations eventually add up which you can do via venmo or cashapp below.

The How:

Affiliate Links

Use one of the affiliate links below. On each one YOU get something and so do I. This is a win win situation!

Direct Donations

Direct donations are always very much appreciated. Every penny counts so NO donation is to small. Think about how much time you are on the site .. wouldn’t it be nice to help to keep going?





Sharing is caring, and the more you share the more people to come here and the more views we get. Views help in the ad world. 🙂 Sharing on social media is the easiest way but if you want to mail your grandma a print out of the site, I wouldn’t even be offended, I would admire you.

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